Dr. Solanki’s Eye Hospital: Project Drishti

Minimum Recommended Amount: Rs.1000

Dr. Solanki’s Eye Hospital is located in Bangalore, India. They have been operating for about 28 years, and offer a wide range of services to their patients. They are not only a charity, meaning they also treat patients who can afford their services. However, they have set up Project Drishti as a way of combatting blindness amongst the underprivileged. Their motto is “Let us do all the good we can, lend a helping hand to whomever we can….make a difference to the world in whatever small way we can !” Their actions fall into two major categories: screening and operations. For screening, they go to rural and slum areas and provide free consultation to people to determine who needs further treatment. They have screened over 1,300,000 people. Of these, about 400,000 have been school children. They also distribute medicine and glasses while screening, and have given about 400,000 glasses whilst screening. For operations, they take people who have been screened and determined to require surgery and provide them with extensive care. They have provided about 140,000 of these operations so far.

Dr Solanki’s Eye Hospital has been chosen for this website because of the quality and importance of work they do and the close sentimental ties they share with this movement. Also, because this organization is personally affiliated with us, we have seen their work in person and can guarantee that the money is used well and that the operation meets the standard that it says it does.

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