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image of co-founder nikhil lohe

Nikhil Lohe


Nikhil Lohe is a senior at Bergen Counties Academies in New Jersey. He has a keen interest in Maths, Science and Game Theory and is an active debator. He is passionate about Soccer and plays in his school team. His dream is to make a positive impact in this world through Make Change Work.

image of co-founder Sung Jae Lee

Sung Jae Lee


Sung Jae Lee is a senior in high school. He was one of the first initiators to start Make Change Work in his school, and hopes to make a meaningful impact on his school community. With his unwavering persistence, his dedication to the Make Change Work Cause is simply ineffable.

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Bombay International School

Jehan Vakharia, Ameya Dalal, Aaliya Merchant, Rishan, Bijaan, Aryaman

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